We Have Moved In!

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Moving day is here! It feels like this day has been a long time coming, but at the same time we also cannot believe that we will actually be spending the first night in our new home. We will be living through the last few stages of our renovation as there are still many loose ends to be tied up, but it is definitely worth it.

Many people do not find the process of moving particularly enjoyable, however, it presents the opportunity to ‘purge’ while you pack. Throwing out, selling, giving away, or donating the clutter is such a great feeling. We also love the unpacking stage of moving in. Placing everything in a room for the first time, and tweaking as you go, has a certain appeal that we are fond of. Finding the small enjoyable things during your move can really help your motivation and energy levels. For example, we took a break during the second day of our move to build a fire pit and two Adirondack chairs that Trevor was gifted for his birthday. Those things were not necessarily a priority, but building something fun, that we could enjoy later that night, was a much needed break from the grind of unboxing.

So now that the main floor of our house is basically complete, we thought we would take you on a little tour. Enjoy our half unpacked, unorganized mess that we are beyond thrilled to call our home!

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